Taxonomy Field on Custom Form and Email Rule

May 7, 2013 at 2:27 PM
I posted this on the main Orchard forum and I am hoping for a better/faster response here.

I have a content type (for a form) that contains various fields, one of them being a Taxonomy Field. I turned around and placed a Custom Form for that content type, and then made a rule for when that Custom Form is submitted, it sends an email. I have that portion working, and all of the fields that I entered are in the body of the email as requested, with the exception of the selection of the Taxonomy Field (it's just empty). I am using the following:


I have also tried adding ".Value" and ".Terms" at the end of it, but it returns nothing. So, if I am using a Taxonomy Field with a list of 3 possible choices: One, Two, Three. The field is titled "WorkLocation", as it is above; how do I go about transmitting the selection from the taxonomy field to an email? If so, can you provide some guidance on this issue? Again, thank you for your help.