How to: Using Taxonomies field on a Custom Form as ​Autoroute token

Feb 24, 2013 at 9:59 PM

I'm new to Orchard, have only played around with it the last weekend and I'm really impressed.
But I'm having one issue that I can't solve, have been googling for hours now.

The site I'm evaluating to move to Orchard have a structure of courses and a form to each course that allow a visitor to "apply". So I thought Taxonomies would fit for that purpose. This is the structure
  • CourseType1
    • Course1
    • Course2
  • CourseType2
    • Course3
    • Course4
  • CourseType3
    • Course5
Then I have created a "Custom Form" Content Type to use as the Apply form. So now I want to be able to create forms (I have another content type for the form template) and "connect" it to a certain course from my taxonomi. My approach was to add a Taxonomies field (Called "Utbildning") to the custom form content type and configured it to only select leaves and only select one.

Now to the tricky part, the Autoroute part for my Custom Form. I can't get any pattern to work to get the selection from the Taxonomies filed.
I have lost count on the combinations I have tried, the example suggest this: {Content.Fields.CustomForm.Utbildning}
But when I create a new Form the Permalink gets empty.

Please help me, what tokens shuld I use in the autoroute?