Having trouble getting the taxonomies to work

Jul 1, 2012 at 9:02 PM

So I watched Bleroy's video on using the tax module over youtube. There have been some changes since the video was done - vocabulary is now terms and when creating a tax inthe video there are no options for main menu and home page as there are in the current version.


What I am trying to achieve is very similiar to what is hsown in the video except I do not need the sub categories e.g World>Africa. I need to make just top level categories - Politics, Liberal Media as an example. And these need to appear in the navigation bar next to home.  If I create a new Taxonomy say Politics and check Show on Main Menu it does not appear in the menu next to home. I am using the default theme machine. If however i add sub elements via terms then I end up both the toplevel and the sublevel items in the main menu. So say i create a new taxonomy called Section and then add politics i get a url for Politics like /Section/Politics when I just want /Politics.