Taxonomie extremely slow / High CPU

Mar 14, 2012 at 10:07 AM
Edited Mar 14, 2012 at 11:39 AM

I just installed the Taxonomie module today and it is extremely slow for me and generates high cpu usage.

All the other links in the admin area, but the moment I hit the 'Taxonomie' link, it'll take a 1-2 minutes for the page to load (while using a full core).

Fyi, I have imported 50k users (the UserPart has 6 custom parts attached), does Taxonomie do something with users that might make it this slow?

I think I don't have to say that waiting 1-2 minutes per click is a reason not to use this module ;)

edit: For now it seems that just the 'main' Taxonomie page (@ /Admin/Taxonomies) that is slow.

edit2: Adding a Taxonomy field to a content type also takes 1-2 minutes.

edit3: Must be taxonomy... When I disable it all goes smooth, with it enabled, almost all actions that 'touch' taxonomy causes a 1-2 minute load time... :/


GetTaxonomies() executes the following query 11k times! (amount of users I have) with just one (or none) term.

(@p0 int)SELECT this_.Id as Id609_0_, this_.UserId as UserId609_0_, this_.Role_id as Role3_609_0_ FROM Orchard_Roles_UserRolesPartRecord this_ WHERE this_.UserId = @p0