Taxonomy For Making List of Different Content Items

Aug 11, 2011 at 10:11 AM

I have a site where I created a Content Type for News Item and one for Event. I would now like to create a calendar page that pulls in both Content Types so a user can see a list of all upcoming news or events. I figured I could just create a Taxonomy called "Calendar" and attach it to both types with a Taxonomy Field. I didn't create any vocabulary terms for this taxonomy because there is really no sub-category. I was hoping this would pull in all content items that had the Calendar taxonomy field associated with it but it did not.

Secondly, I tried to add a Vocabulary term to the Taxonomy called "Current". I then went back in and tagged a news item and event with this choice. When I went to this page for the taxonomy 2 "Published Dates" appeared and thats all. Any help would be great. Can taxonomies cross content types?